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of Free Speech

Together with you, we're building a new home for civic dialogue in Playhouse Square and a $10 million endowment to sustain your City Club and protect freedom of speech for generations to come.

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“Sometimes one word, spoken at the right time, can be sufficient to save a nation or a life.”

Rev. Otis Moss, Jr.

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About the

As Guardians of Free Speech we will ensure civic dialogue has a home in Cleveland where all are included. Together, we are committed to the free expression of ideas and conversations of consequence.

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We invite you to become a
Guardian of Free Speech

Together, we will bring civic dialogue to more people, lift new voices, amplify necessary conversations, protect free speech, inspire bold thinking, and invest in a home for City Club’s future.

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Why I Give

Paul Harris, Guardians Campaign Co-Chair, shares his reasons for supporting the City Club.

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Why This Matters

Free speech. Hearing new ideas and new voices. Connecting with others who care about the community. Find out what your neighbors are saying about why they give, and add your voice!

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