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A message from
Dan Moulthrop & Kristen Baird Adams

This is an exciting time for your City Club. The Guardians of Free Speech is the most ambitious fundraising initiative in our history, and our new home for civic dialogue at Playhouse Square will allow us to live up to the aspirations we've long had—a place accessible and welcoming to all.

Together, with you, we are writing a remarkable chapter in our community's story. You're a part of every forum, and we're so grateful you'll be a part of our future. Thank you for joining us.


Campaign Co-Chairs


Guardians Co-Chair and Board President Kristen Baird Adams delivers remarks at a City Club forum


Guardians Co-Chair Paul Harris introduces President Barack Obama


Guardians Co-Chair Fareed Siddiq poses a question to a City Club speaker


Honorary Co-Chairs

  • Char Fowler
  • Robert Gries
  • Carole Hoover
  • Richard Pogue

Campaign Committee

  • April Miller Boise 
  • Terry Brennan 
  • Cynthia & Louis Chaiten 
  • Ryan Cross 
  • Paul Dolan 
  • Robert Falls 
  • Paul Federico & Lisa Mullin
  • Judi Feniger 
  • Areli & Michael Jeans 
  • Connie Hill-Johnson & Kevin Johnson 
  • Sharon Sobol Jordan 
  • Alex Machaskee
  • Sue & Hugh McKay
  • Randell McShepard 
  • Rebecca Morgan 
  • Joan & Augie Napoli 
  • Jan Roller 
  • Patty Shlonsky & Steve Hinkle
  • Robert Smith  
  • Robyn Minter Smyers 
  • Laura Stack 
  • Michelle Tomallo 
  • Molly Walsh 
  • Andrew & Randy Watterson 
  • Lisa & Jeffrey Weiss 

Legacy Leaders

  • Len Calabrese
  • Kevin Donahue
  • Scott Finerman
  • Lee Friedman
  • James Foster
  • Sanjiv Kapur
  • Robert Littman
  • Robert Lustig
  • Audrey & Albert Ratner
  • Rick Taft

City Club
Board of Directors

  • Kristen Baird Adams
  • Colonel Harold V. Anderson
  • Artis A. Arnold III
  • April Miller Boise
  • Terry Brennan
  • Louis A. Chaiten
  • Kevin Clayton
  • Robert Falls
  • Judi Feniger
  • Eric M. Fiala
  • Paul N. Harris
  • Kelly M. Jasko
  • Sharon Sobol Jordan
  • David M. Kall
  • Shana F. Marbury
  • John J. McGuire
  • Hugh E. McKay
  • Michelle Najda
  • August A. Napoli, Jr.
  • Leta Obertacz
  • Kaye Ridolfi
  • Mark Ross
  • Alex Schmitt
  • Patty Shlonsky
  • Fareed Siddiq
  • Robyn Minter Smyers
  • Nigamanth Sridhar
  • Charles Stack
  • Molly Walsh
  • Sheila Wright

City Club
Forum Foundation

  • Douglas Wang, President
  • Dave Kall, Secretary
  • Robert Lustig, Treasurer
  • Fareed Siddiq
  • Kaye Ridolfi

We invite you to become a
Guardian of Free Speech

Together, we will bring civic dialogue to more people, lift new voices, amplify necessary conversations, protect free speech, inspire bold thinking, and invest in a home for City Club’s future.

Friends of Ron Cohen • Albert & Audrey Ratner • Longview Foundation
Judi Feniger • Robyn Minter Smyers • Ron Cohen & Cohen Community Foundation
Margaret W. Wong & Associates • Sally & Bob Gries • Robyn Minter Smyers