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Education and civil civic dialogue are foundational to keeping our republic while we pursue a more perfect union; for over 100 years the City Club of Cleveland has provided forum for both. It is a civic treasure we would be wise to retain for the next 100 years.

Becky Morgan

The City Club of Cleveland is important to my wife and me. It objectively presents issues of importance to the community. City Club forums allow for a diversity of ideas and thoughts in civil engagement. We tend to vote Democrat but enjoy hearing both sides. My wife is co-president of the Greater Cleveland League of Women Voters, and the approach of City Club forums appeals to her. I recently attended the Chasten Buttigieg forum. It was excellent. He is dynamic. I was amazed and touched at the courage of the young people who spoke during the Q & A. My great grandfather, Monroe Spear, was a founding or early member of the City Club in 1912. He was a community activist, attorney, former judge and candidate for state office. Thank you to the City Club staff and Dan.

Tom Nowel, Self employed arbitrator and mediator

The City Club has always been a Cleveland jewel. Today its mission is existentially important to our community and our country. We must support that mission!

Hugh McKay, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur

I think The City Club of Cleveland is more important, more relevant and more vital now than at any other time in its long and distinguished history. It strives to provide a voice for all in the critical decisions facing our community and society. It is a unique civic place addressing substantive issues about the future and shape of our democracy.

Len Calabrese, Past President, Catholic Community Connection

We so appreciate the City Club for bringing awareness of so many important issues to our city with its quality programs.

Charlotte Fowler

There's never been a time in my memory when honest, open dialogue and exchange of ideas between those who may think differently than each other is more important. That's what the City Club has offered for more than 100 years. I've been a member for decades, and while the City Club has changed much during that time, our mission hasn't.

Judi Magid Feniger, Retired, Gordon Square Arts District

“The City Club of Cleveland plays a special role in the African American community. This has been one of the few places that we can count on to elevate our concerns, to make sure our voices are heard.”

Robyn Minter Smyers

The City Club was the first place I went to meet new people when I moved to Cleveland. Dan, Noelle, Julie and the rest of the team were so welcoming. They made me feel right at home.

Leta Obertacz, Cleveland Foundation

For more than a century, the City Club of Cleveland has convened conversations of consequence that help democracy thrive. We have remained steadfast in our commitment to civil civic dialogue on the most pressing issues facing our community and country - a commitment that is perhaps more important today than ever before. My family and I are honored to support the City Club and our Guardians of Free Speech Campaign, and extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have donated or are considering a gift.

Kristen Baird Adams, City Club Board of Directors

“Democracy dies in darkness, democracy dies without a civil discourse. The third world suffering horribly, especially my original country of origin, we are getting away from democracy because there is no civil discourse. We need to have city clubs of Cleveland and every city in the world..”

Fareed Siddiq

The City Club has long provided excellent speakers and their context to topics important to public policy and society in general.

Bob Smith, Cerity Partners

“I hope that at the turn of the next century, the City Club is continuing to use technology to reach out to people, people who previously might have been underserved in one way or another, continuing to attract top quality presenters from around the world, continuing to have cherished debate, vibrant debate, with all views represented, whether they're to the right whether to the left or whether they're somewhere in between.”

Paul Harris

City club is the best way to stay informed in a fun and timely way.

Dagmar Celeste, The Tyrian Network

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Together, we will bring civic dialogue to more people, lift new voices, amplify necessary conversations, protect free speech, inspire bold thinking, and invest in a home for City Club’s future.

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